Why are some people rich and some poor? The truth is most of us are smart enough to be rich, but we seldom make it. We sabotage ourselves, we sit waiting for something to happen, and then we are surprised when years later nothing has changed. Our investment in ourselves and our monetary wealth will bring a reward, but many of us are in too much of a hurry to do the basics. We want the quick fix, but seldom, if ever, does the quick work. This is an exploration of the quick, the fast and what works and doesn’t work  in retirement planning. You read the information yourselves, then decide. I am not trying to sell you anything. I am  stating financial common sense.  Of course, a lie would be more enjoyable and easier to follow. I can promise you millions without work and everything for a small fee, but that would not be real. Real life is never perfect, and not everyone follows the same course.  Ultimately if you have the money to spare you should talk to a financial planner, but hopefully this guide will help you talk to them better and lets you be a better-educated consumer.  So enjoy and I hope it helps you secure a better future. And yes, you can be financially secure, and pay almost nothing in taxes, legally.


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