The author of this article is discussing the concept of real estate investment and whether or not it is truly an investment. They explain that there are two types of real estate investments: residential and commercial. The author argues that buying a home to live in is not necessarily an investment because it costs more… Continue reading RE COMMENT

Summary Conclusion

The concept of a life of leisure in early retirement is a common dream. However, most individuals work for decades and have nothing to show for it. The needs of their families, such as providing shelter and basic necessities, often take precedence over personal aspirations. The majority of people cannot even save enough to support… Continue reading Summary Conclusion


The topic of discussion is the reasons behind some people being rich and others being poor, and the factors that contribute to an easy retirement. Many people dream of retiring early and living a life of leisure after years of hard work, but for most, this remains an elusive goal. The author notes that the… Continue reading Foreword

6 Simple Ways to Get Rich

Ready to make your dream of becoming rich a reality? Use the following six steps to catapult your wealth to levels you’d never thought possible: 1. Contribute the Maximum to an Employer-Matched Retirement Plan According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the most common 401(k) match plan is currently $1 per $1 on the… Continue reading 6 Simple Ways to Get Rich

Useful Financial Websites

Useful Financial Websites TAXES: Internal Revenue Service Government Agencies: Social Security Administration News: The Wall Street Journal New York Times Calculators Smart Bond Investing Accrued Interest Calculator Retirement Calculator College Savings Calculator Loan Calculator Savings Calculator 401(k) and IRA Minimum Required Distribution Calculator Link Disclosure: The information being provided is strictly as a courtesy. When… Continue reading Useful Financial Websites

7 – DAY TRADING – Making thousands with the click of a mouse

Once again I will tell you something from my million dollar education. The difference in technology between 1980’s and 2000’s are amazing. In the 1980’s when I was submitting an order to a brokerage firm via my computer, it would be combined with other orders and almost manually make it to the floor of the… Continue reading 7 – DAY TRADING – Making thousands with the click of a mouse